Jíbaro [hee-bah-row]: The proud and hardworking people originating from  the mountains of Puerto Rico.

“La Gente de la Montaña” — people of the mountain.

Jíbaro is a brand founded in the rich heritage and positive culture of Puerto Rico, honoring the jíbaro values and way of life. We celebrate the authenticity and craftsmanship of the Puerto Rican people and the principles of a true jíbaro.

About the founder:

While I didn’t know it at the time, the journey that ultimately led me to establishing the Jíbaro brand began in the central mountains of Puerto Rico when I was a child.

It was in the mountain town of Naranjito that I developed an appreciation for the heritage of Puerto Rico and learned firsthand what it means to “live like a jíbara”.

Naranjito is a place that is deeply ingrained in my family’s history and it helped shape my values and way of life. Like many other small towns in Puerto Rico, the people of Naranjito are bonded through their sense of community, family, and hospitality. From a young age, I was expected to contribute to the family by assisting with cleaning and cooking family meals, ironing my school clothes and polishing my shoes. I was also encouraged to look for ways to make money in order to buy anything that was not deemed a “need”. 

Through these experiences, I developed a respect for hard work, learned the importance of being resourceful, and most importantly, understood the values of unity, determination and integrity.  

I sincerely thank you for your interest in learning more about the Jíbaro brand and its roots. I’m blessed by your support in celebrating the heritage and values of Puerto Rico. 

Mariela Oyola-Brauch


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